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Gift certificates are now available for purchase. 20% sale until 3/31/2023 on all Chacott`s half shoes. Clearance sale of devices from Venturelli. We no longer work with this manufacturer.
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Ballet / Dance
Ballet / Dance
Figure Skating
Figure Skating
Rhythmic Gym.
Rhythmic Gym.


We offer professional equipment, half shoes, training clothes and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics for sale. The permanent assortment includes balls, insertable rubber clubs, hoops of various sizes, ropes, sticks and ribbons in all possible colour combinations from world famous manufacturers. There are both mass-produced and individually manufactured competition leotards, thermal and protective clothing (also available with sauna effect), underwear, knee pads and weights, tapes for hoops and clubs, holders for devices and clothing, various key chains, stationery and other accessories for strength and balance training.

Rhythmic gymnastics
Our main specialization is rhythmic gymnastics. It is a very spectacular and elegant women’s sport in which professional choreography, grace and agility are combined with complex sport elements and acrobatic feats. We try to buy in time and keep our assortment constantly up to date with devices with new FIG-markings from world famous brands such as Sasaki, Chacott, Pastorelli and Venturelli. We plan to expand the item list with Amalya products. The Tuloni devices are very popular among new gymnasts.

Wholesale and retail
RSG-Shop - official distributor of Sasaki, Chacott, Tuloni, Pastorelli, Venturelli, Solo, Grand Prix, Swarowski and Sveltus. We receive direct deliveries from the manufacturers and sell products to retail customers via the online shops DELOYS.COM and RSG-SHOP.COM as well as to wholesalers via B2B. You can find the contact details of our partners in your region on the Google map by clicking on the corresponding green tags.

In addition to rhythmic gymnastics, we also plan to expand gymnastics, trampolining, aerobics, pole dancing, figure skating, roller skating and other sports. In the category Tuloni you will find, besides devices for beginners, already professional training clothes, ballet tights, leather and textile half shoes, holders for devices, white and light pink tights, knee pads, weights, elastic rubber bands for fitness, protective equipment and other fitness accessories. The shop also sells branded clothing and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, ballet and choreography from Solo and Grand Prix. You can buy HotFix (thermo), NoHotFix and Sew-On rhinestones from Tuloni and Swarovski. The elastic rubber bands for fitness are exhibited in the category Sveltus. There are professional tights for choreography, ballroom dancing, figure skating and roller skating from the Italian brands Primavera and Pridance.

Structure oft he website
The sections of the shop are divided into manufacturers and individual goods. Additional filters for sorting have been added for a comfortable and fast search. There is a possibility to leave a review for each product. You can express comments and wishes, describe your positive as well as negative experiences, problems with the use of items and suggestions on how to solve them. The feedback helps other customers to avoid mistakes in product selection, and manufacturers to study the demand, analyze the market, respond to criticism in time and make changes in their technological process.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!!!

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TOP Pastorelli mod. Funny s. 10 (128-134) col. Orange Art. 03127
Old Price: 17,00 EUR
New Price: 11,05 EUR
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Bag for shoes from Tuloni mod. ZOE col. YxGxCO Art. NKV-SHH07
Bag for shoes from Tuloni mod. ZOE col. YxGxCO Art. NKV-SHH07
Price: 4,95 EUR
[incl19% Tax excl. shipping]

01. Stirrup Tights Tuloni s. M (155-170) col. Skin T03991M
02. Stirrup Tights Tuloni s. S (142-158) col. Skin T03991S
03. Stirrup Tights Tuloni s. XS (121-145) col Skin T03991XS
04. Stirrup Tights Tuloni s. M (155-170) Lt. Suntan T03992M
05. Stirrup Tights Tuloni s. S (142-158) Lt. Suntan T03992S
06. Stirrup Tights Tuloni XS (121-145) Lt. Suntan T03992XS
07. Footless Tights Tuloni s. M (155-170) col. Skin Art. T03981M
08. Footless Tights Tuloni s. XS (121-145) col. Skin Art. T03981XS
09. Footless Tights Tuloni s. M (155-170) col. Lt. Suntan Art T0398M
10. Footless Tights Tuloni s. S (142-158) col. Skin Art. T03981S