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Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics


6 one-color
6 one-color
6 multi-color
6 multi-color
5 one-color
5 one-color
5 multi-color
5 multi-color
4 one-color
4 one-color
4 multi-color
4 multi-color


The category includes ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics from world-famous manufacturers.
Depending on the age and height of the gymnast, the ribbon is chosen in lengths of 4, 5 or 6 metres. For participation in national and international championships, the ribbon must be approved by FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique). In case of certified devices, we also mention in the description that a new FIG logo is available. The length of non certified ribbons may differ by +/- 5% from the length indicated on the website.
Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics are used in combination with a stick. They are connected by a metallic or soft carabiner. The ribbons are usually made of viscose. Artificial silk is very light, strong and almost not electrostatic. Viscose ribbons weigh on average 35-38 grams, which allows for the performance of wonderfully beautiful patterns in the air.
The ribbons are available in one color, multicolored or with individual patterns. Thanks to the latest color application technology, the weight is kept as low as possible, which enables the gymnasts to perform the most complicated patterns without any problems.

Care instructions for ribbons

Please make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for care of the device. Chacott ribbons must be ironed through special paper so that the new FIG logo does not disappear. Please note that the viscose ribbons are not sewn but knitted, so running stitches (interspaces) are allowed and are not considered a defect. The same running stitches can occur during the operating process when the tape comes into contact with the karabiner and tip of the stick. It must be remembered that the ribbon must not be cross- stretched, especially when stitches occur. It should also be noted that the strap may become shorter after washing. The ribbon must be stored and transported in a special soft or plastic holder. The ribbon may only be used on a gymnastics carpet. The end of the ribbon may wear out after a while. This happens automatically while working with the device.


Sasaki ribbons are available in the models M-71 and MJ-715, Venturelli ribbons in the models 518 and 618. The models Gradation and Infinity of the Chacott ribbons are very popular thanks to their wide range of colors. Many also praise the Pastorelli ribbons, because working with them is easy and comfortable. New gymnasts as well as sports schools like to buy Tuloni ribbons. You can find more information about a specific ribbon in the product description.


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TOP Pastorelli mod. Funny s. XL (164-170) col. Orange Art. 03133
TOP Pastorelli mod. Funny s. XL (164-170) col. Orange Art. 03133
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01. Multi-color Ribbon 5m col. Rainbow-2 Art. T0015
02. Ribbon Sasaki M-71 W 6m col. White FIG
03. Multi-color Ribbon 5m col. White-Blue-Fuchsia Art. T0018
04. Ribbon Chacott 5m Medium col. White FIG Art. 58000
05. Ribbon Chacott 6m col. White FIG Art. 58000
06. Multi-color Ribbon 6m col. Rainbow-2 FIG Art. T0010
07. Ribbon Sasaki MJ-715 W 5m FIG col. White
08. Multi-color Ribbon 5m col. White-Red-Yellow Art. T0019
09. Ribbon 5m col. White-Pink Fluo Art. T0020
10. Ribbon Chacott 5m Medium col. Red FIG Art. 58052